Poster¡G Lynx Huang at 12:25:16 12/29/97 from c550-24.svdcc.fju.edu.tw
The time was at night, a dark and cold night during the War. Not only the night but also the minds of people were dark. Their minds were too dark not to bring about the war. The waiting room was full of grown-up people who seem to lack of affection and look cold for the nearly seven-year-old child, therefore, the child felt it a long time to stay with them. You see, people always feel time soon pass by when they have a good time and otherwise when they are afraid or boring. 
The speaker said she could read the National Geographic. In my opinion, it was possible that she could only read the words "National" and "Geographic" printed on the cover of the magazine, not the whole contents. The inside of a volcano may mean the grown-up people's hearts that were as black as the inside of a volcano. Then "it was spilling over in rivulets of fire" may mean that the whole world was covered with coldness, and here is exactly a contrast of "fire" and "coldness", which mean the indifference between people. People keep distance with one another and wear masks on purpose to protect being hurt as Osa and Martin Johnson dressed in all outfit in the second photograph the little girl studied. The other photograph reveals the poor life the wretched Africans have lived. 
Why the speaker imagined that she became her aunt, then even an I, an Elizabeth, only one kind of thing or one character that has no individual identity? She could not even have the courage to see, just gave a sidelong glance at knees around. There were few differences between. They all were just knees of some kind of persons which man was going to be, without exceptions since no one can refuse to grow up. 
The girl did not remember how she had come to be in the waiting room because she became that some kind of person who was indifferent to all around, and thus her aunt became only a person who has no relation with her. The waiting room was sliding beneath a big black wave, another, and another as the world was soaked in evil rivulets of fire, forced by man. 
We human beings were so stupid that we even bring about the Second World War. We must learn from that and don't even cause the nuclear war that might result in the second coming of Jesus Christ.