In The Waiting Room

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In the Waiting Room by Elizabeth Bishop 

The reason for choosing this poem because I had this experienced before so I can 

understand her situation. 

To have this kind of feelings, the basic requirement is the intimate relationship 

between one another otherwise there is no use to talk about. I remembered that once 

upon a time, I was playing with my sister and we were chasing one another. All of a 

sudden, she bumped into the door and much more than that, her hand had broken 

through the glass of the window. Owing to her speed, she was severely hurt and her 

hand was cut. By now it left a big sign on it. At that moment, when the accident 

occurred, I was very frightened that I could not move. I was so scared that I did not 

know what to do. On the other hand, my sister, who was the victim herself, she played 

the part in comforted me and asked me to calm down. I remembered clearly that she 

was very calm and did not cry at all but for me, it seemed to me that it was as if I was the 

one who was injured. It was the same situation as Elizabeth. When she overheard the 

voice of her aunt, she herself could also feel the pain even though it was not she with the 

dentist. While she was waiting, she gradually sensed her own self-identity because as 

she was waiting for her aunt in the waiting room, she had been reading the National 

Geographic magazines. She later came to some pages which she did not want to 

continue further and by that time, she knew that any movement from her would be 

noticed by others. Because of this incident, there came a great moment of self-identity. 

Just because of her aunt s voice, she even felt embarrassment.