Journals (Poem)

Poster¡G Irene Shiu at 20:36:32 12/30/97 from
~ In the waiting room ~ 
" In the waiting room",it seemed that someone is limited in a small place and in fact 
the speaker indeed was in that room and started to image what she was .It was a funny poem 
for me,and because I did the same thing as the little girl did ,so I could realized her feeling. 
The speaker is a sever-years-old girl,she described what she felt vividly and let the reader 
to join her imagination.When I read the poem, It was interesting with the view of talking about the 
identity of individuals.In this poem ,it gave us a lot of hints that she wanted to find the answer 
of what she was .She went to the dentist in order to accompany her aunt.While she was waiting for her 
aunt,she stayed in the waiting room and observed what were around her ,such as " grown-up people", 
"overcoat","magazine",and so on.In the period of the time of waiting,she picked one magazine which she 
thought she could read and understand .When reading, she was curious about the photographs,"THe naked 
women with necks wond round and round with wire","Their breast were horrifying."And then she wanted 
to stop reading the magazine but she was afraid ,because she thought others noticed her and if she stopped 
reading ,people might look her in the strange way,and she would feel embarrassmed and shy,"I was too shy to 
stop."It was the same for many people,including me ,when I keep on doing something in front of many people , 
then I won't dare to pause because I don't like what the other people appare to me if I stop.It is a terrible 
SHe expressed what her thought was about her aunt ,"a foolish ,timid woman."Suddenly,she found that she 
was her foolish aunt in surprise,she said"My voice,in my mouth,"Without thinking at all I was my foolish aunt. 
In this stanza,we could know that the little girl tried to find the sense of the identity,but her imagination was 
strong and lost herself in it.And then she searched herself and eagered to know who she was."You are an I ,You are 
Elizabeth","Why should you be one ,too?""I scarely dared to look to see what it was I was",these sentences,might be 
the meaning she wanted to express and also the author might invite the reader to join the question.She identitied 
herself as her aunt again,"Why should I be my aunt or me or anyone?"It is a really good question ,because when I was 
at her age ,I considered the same question.Now I know that we just wanted to think of who we were and found the sense 
of identity of the world.At the last stanza,different moment have different identity.The little girl was in the wartime 
,"The war was on outside",and it ended in date,it might sign that the girl might hope the day could pass soon and did the 
war,I thought. 
Generally speaking, the seven-years-old girl was very sensible bur in the other way ,she was close to us with the view 
of sometime we also doing our best to find the answer of what we are.