The Journal of Mending Wall

Poster¡G Janet Chi at 15:32:44 12/30/97 from
It is one interesting poem talking about the relationship between the speaker and neighbours. IN nowadays 
society, the relationship between people and people becames cooler. NO more love and care exist between 
them. Every family in a department may not know each other . It is far away from what is normal, which would 
never happen in the past time. There is a distance between person and person. People always like to hide their 
own feeling and wear masks on them ,I don't like to see it and meet such a person , because I would feel like I 
am talking to an actor or actress. In my opinion, there should be more love, care and consideration between person 
to person. So I don't agree with the sentence in the poem, " Good fences make good neighbours." I think it should 
be "Good smile make good neighbour." 
I think the speaker has same opinion as I do, because at the first line,he said," Something there is that 
doesn't love a wall." "Something there" means the speaker himself. He doesn't like it because it is the frozen-ground -swell, 
and the upper boulder spills in the sun that makes gaps which two can pass abreast. In other word, a wallobstruct the 
communication with neighbour and neighbour. He thinks that there is no necessary to build a wall between he ( the speaker ) 
and other people. His attitude toward the wall may be that he doesn't like the wall with a gap, so latter on, he said that 
he had come after them and made repair. In my opinion, the hunter doesn't like the wall,either . Otherwise they can not 
found the rabbits because they can hide in the wall. 
We can say that the speaker is full of imagination and humor. He used a metaphor of an apple as himself. An apple is 
round,sweet-tasted, nice-touched ( make people feel it's slippery ). Everyone likes it. It stands for the speaker's personality, 
and it means that the speaker is a accommodating person that everyone would like to make friends with him. He is also cnsiderated, 
a sweet to people's hearts.Also he wants to have a position in the society. 
He said that his apply trees will never get across and never eats the cones under neighbour's pine. That's means he won't 
disturb his neighbour's life and won't make a trouble on his neighbours. On the contrary. he takes the pine to stand for his neughbour. 
The pine hasneedle leave which means it will hurt people,so maybe the speaker wants to tell us that his neighbour is a stubborn,stingy 
and fastidious person who even can't stand a piece of leaves fallen into his place. In my opinion, the speaker also try to describe 
how haard to get along with his neighbour. Also the speaker thinks that it is not necessary to build a wall because there aare no cows. 
If there are cows, we should build a fence for fearing that the cows might go across other person's farm and mass the crops.However there 
are no cows. " To each the boulders that have fallen to each other. ANd some are loaves an dsome so nearly balls, we have to use a spell 
too make them balance and stay where you are until our backs are turned!" The paragraph shows that how to mend the wall and compared with 
that how to deal with the misunderstanding. However, the best way to remedy is keep the condition that has fallen to each other. Maybe some 
are nearly balls, we can use a spell to make them balance.All we can do is just to keep the current condition. If we don't move it, It won't 
worse than whaat it is now. After all , we would wear our fingers rough with handling them. It means that we must do experience it in a person 
and don't escape it. 
The neighbour still insists on his own opinion. HEe seems not to yield to anyone eve the idea is better than he has. WE can see that in 
the last sentence of the poem,he daid again,"Good fences make good neighbours." The way he said makes me feel that he is really a stubborn 
person. What he said is what he mean, no chance to change. If he goes on like that,lateron ,he may be an individual person in the society. 
However, one person can not live along by himselves. 
IT is a irony poem which critize the relationship between person to person nowadays. The wall makes people's realtionship be colder and 
colder. Sometimes, people are negelient, they don't care about each other degree by degree and even don't know how to unit and cooperate with 
other people. in my opinion, it is why the speaker wrote the poem.