Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio

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Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio

Why does autumn begin in Martins Ferry, Ohio? I wonder.

The first scene that runs into my mind when I read the first stanza is that a man was watching the football game and thinking. What he had in his mind was the fathers of those who were running on the field and bumping one another. The fathers were laborers in a beer factory. They had spent their whole life and money on their children so they wanted their children to be strong enough to be heroes. The fathers worked very hard and wanted nothing but other's respect for their sons which they did not get when they were young.

The second describes the fathers were proud of their sons but ashamed of themselves. They were afraid to go back home and to face their wives who always clucked to them. The wives were described as starved pullets, which is very appropriate. Maybe the women complained about their men sent their sons to somewhere away from home, or maybe they complained about their men did not help them do the housework but dream of their sons' being heroes.

The last stanza is all about the sons. The poet pointed out what the Negro children can do when they grow up is something about sports. The children grow up under the shadow of their fathers and the society. They can't receive respect from others unless they are in the stadium showing their strength. That is why they followed their fathers' dream without thinking what they really need.

After thinking so much, the scene in the man's mind turned into the players galloping against each other's bodies. The game was held in October in autumn. Maybe it was the sad season that reminded the poet of how poor to be the N


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