Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio

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Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio
Autumn is a season with abundant harvest. Therefore, the farmers are busy reaping the crops in the fields. Not only the farmers but others are busy with their jobs. Such as Negroes, they work in the blast furnace at Benwood, and their black faces become gray. I think that their faces are covered with dust, so the black faces turn to gray. Although the watchman of Wheeling Steel is dreaming of heroes, he is still responsible for his job. I think the speaker is standing on the stadium, he can look everything far away. In the second stanza, the speaker says "all the proud fathers are ashamed to go home", I think that the fathers may be the people who work all day long. Hence, they are proud of themselves, and they want to celebrate their hard work, and they don*t want to go home. In my opinion, the fathers the fathers won*t go home, that is in order to show that they are really men. Because they must face their families after their work, they don*t want to go home, and they want to get out of the limited life. However, they forget their wives, and their wives are expecting their husbands* going home. I think the sentence " Their women cluck like a starved pullets" is describing their women murmur angrily, but they still love their men very much, they will do anything for their husbands. If I were one of them, I would go out to find him , and ask him to go home, I wouldn*t stay at waiting for his back. Sometimes, women are so stupid, they always do nothing for themselves, they depend on their husbands very much. Women are always busy doing housework, and what they care about is their husband and children.
In the last stanza, I think they are concentrated on their what they are engaged in. People may sing songs when they work, and perhaps they would forget the busy jobs, so the songs sung by them are quite beautiful for them. At the beginning of October, they pursuit their ideas very much. They try their best working, so they will be all out. Perhaps, they will kick each other by accident in the competition. People are usually lazy in the warm weather, but they still work so hard.
I think we should take them for example, because they are so serious in their work. The women stay at home still work very hard, because they are always working for their families. To sum up, everyone is responsible for what they should do.


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