On-line journal[Harlem]

Poster¡G Daisy Wu at 23:11:1 12/28/97 from tpproxy1.hinet.net
Harlem---It seems to me that the title of this poem has shown me whose dream had been deferred -African-American people. It is obvious that the author tries to provide readers with many likely answers about the question of the first line. Comparing dream to a raisin dried up in the sun is to imply the shrinking of African-Americans* hope. Besides, the author uses some words such as "fester", "sore", "stink", and "rotten meat" to express this dream was nearly destroyed but not disappeared. However, the author gives us another comparison that is not disgusting. Instead of bad situation, the dream will crust and sugar over -like a syrupy sweet. This sentence will give readers a big imaginary space that maybe the deferred dream will come true. Although this poem mentioned many different answers, the last third sentence no longer gives us a question sentence. It seems that this is the answer of the first sentence. However, the last sentence again asks a question "does it explode?". It shows that there may be riots if a dream deferred. 
This poem is also an irony poem because we know it is impossible that African-Americans* dream will be sweet like sugar or syrupy. In addition, the author uses simile to express their deferred dream and even reveals African-Americans* hopeless life. From the words "heavy load," we can predict that they bent under pressure in a dominant white society. No wonder the last sentence uses italics to emphasize that the dream has a big opportunity to explode in Harlem if their dream postponed. ¡@¡@