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Dover Beach wrote on the period of thinking between new and old. 
Unilateral,the traditional mind of the religion and ethics concept are deeply rooted. Another evolutionism and agnasticism are also new doctrine in the ascendant.To make the poet to hesitate and distressed.Dover are the United Kingdom city of seacoast. From the first paragraphic of the poetry. The two line from "Upon the straits; on the French coast the light.Gleams and is gone;the diffs of England stand,"the Matthew Arnold try to show up the ethics concept between two country. From the second paragraphic.Line five to line six.The poet felt the period from(1822-1888) is to be hesitate and distressed,he said that"With tremulous cadence slow, and bring the eternal note of sadness in. The third paragraphic start from one line only.The line three he said "Into his mind the turbid ebb and flow." The ending paragraphic still found the feeling from the poet.From line five to line six,he said"Hath really neither joy,nor love,nor light,nor certitude,nor peace,nor help for pain.Sophocles are the three tragedy in Greek.The tragedy sense is showing hesitate and distressed at the moment From the sentence"of human misery;we can feel the mourning about Matthew Arnold under civil war setting,We can understand though the "Hath really neither joy,nor love,nor light,nor certitude,nor peace,nor help for pain."from the last paragraphic."The sea of faith" show up the traditional mind of the religion.Matthew Arnold try to point out the religion weakly than before.Sopocles are the good example when the poet try to show up the same character from the Dover Beach.