Comparing Jack and Algernon

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Comparing Jack and Algernon 

Algy and Jack were both at high rank in society and both of them had a second identity to live in another place. In Act One, the cigarette box revealed the secrete of Jack " being Ernest" in the countryside. Jack tried hard to conceal everything about "Ernest", but Algy dug everything out. Comparing to Jack, Algy was more frank about "being a Bunburyist" and had a sharp tongue which can tell from the conversation between he and Jack. His response to Jack*s revealing of "Ernest" was "The truth is rarely pure and simple*." , and his opinion of marriage was "Three is company and two is none." Both of them were lying, but Jack was more polite to remain the surface manners when he talked to Algy. 
In Act two, two "Ernest" showed up at the same time. Here, we can see how Jack and Algy reacted. First, Algy appeared as Jack*s brother "Ernest". Later, Jack came with the bad news that his brother "Ernest" was dead. When Jack was told by Cecily that his brother was there at his home, he was shocked. Especially when he saw Algy pretending to be "Ernest" , he was very angry and afraid that his lie was going to be exposed, so he warned Algy to leave. On the contrary, Algy was not panic at all, it seemed that he came there on purpose to ruin Jack*s play. Worst of all, both Cecily and Gwendolen fell in love with "Ernest" and the two women came face to face this time. The whole thing was mixed up and the two women became enemies. Here, Algy had a change when he fell in love with Cecily. First, he decided to chistened at once with the name "Ernest" and killed the "Bunbury", which was very different form what he said in Act One, "A man who marries without knowing Bunbury has a very tedious time of it." 
In Act three, Jack and Algy explained everything to Gwendolen and Cecily. Fortunately and ridiculously, the two women accepted them for Jack and Algy will marry them with the name "Ernest". Algy became serious about proposing to Cecily, though he said, "I love scrapes. They are the only things that are never serious." Jack found who his parents were and to everyone*s surprise, Algy and Jack are brothers. Most important of all, Jack adopted his father*s name "Ernest". Now he had Mrs. Bracknell*s permission to marry Gwendolen. 
In Victoria society, what people cared about were all skin-deep manners and blindly follow the trend. That*s why at the end of the story, no body cared about the true affection of love, but minded social status and outside appearance, especially the name "Ernest". They were all very superficial. 
There were not many differences between Algy and Jack by nature, but by degree. Algy was more critical, while Jack was pretentious. In other words, Jack was weak of facing the truth that he was lying. Algy in the beginning was mean at criticising other people, but later on, when he met Cecily, he seemed to change his mind. He was very unfaithful and distrustful of marriage, while Jack took marriage as a very serious matter, although they both pretended to be "Ernest" to earn love from girls. They used people*s superficiality to achieve their goals, and it worked. They both knew the importance of being "Ernest". 
At first, Jack was very earnest of maintain his two faces, but Algy was less serious. Then gradually, Algy became serious about being "Ernest", too. Because Gwendolen and Cecily said, "My ideal has always been to love someone of the name of Ernest."