The Play

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This is the first time that I encounter the study of drama. In the past, I had only came across briefly but now I really have the chance to know what it is about. 
The title of this drama is called The Importance of being Earnest. After finished two acts, I came to realize that it was easier to handle than poems and fictions. I like this play because it talks about the significance of being earnest and it is very important indeed. To be frank to others is essential and I do not think that people like to be cheated. 
As the play was in progress, it reflected the kind of society that they were in. To me, I think people at that time were quite traditional. The reason for this can be reveals from the way Gwendolyn responded to her mother. When Jack proposed the marriage to her, she was happy to accept him right at the spot but her mother refused and even asked her to stay outside and waited for her. She had no way to choose and had to follow but she knew that no one could stop her from loving Jack. 
On the other hand, it also reveals another manner. The reason Cecily and Gwendolyn loved Jack and Algenon just because of the name Ernest. This is really funny. In fact, people in this modern society also behave the same. Sometimes, we are blind to look at something. I am sure that all of us should have this experience before. 
In nowadays life, we often wear masks so as to be able to survive. Once we step out from our home we will come to meet all kinds of people. In order to adjust ourselves, we are force to put on different masks. It is hard to have the same attitude towards all because each individual will have different character and if we treat with the same manner, it is impossible. We do not know one another well at the first time and it needs time to get along with. What I mean is in this competitive world, one will try to fight for a seat in the society and by and by, trick come out. The reason people lie may be because they are afraid that they are not as good as others and they feel inferior to others. Or else they want to eliminate competitors so they can live peacefully and do not need to work so hard. Actually to make a lie is not easy at all. Maybe at the meantime you feel happy but once the truth is expose, you have to face it and it is not tasty indeed. In fact, I do not think that people like to be cheated. Maybe to talk frankly can hurt one s feeling at the spot but I believe people can understand the situation you are in if you tell him/her sincerely. There is nobody who is so stubborn. 
Finally, in my point of view, if the people around me always lie, I cannot imagine what the world it would be. So be honest.