The importance of being earnest-Angernon

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Algernon think about love is the only way to behave to a woman is be make love to her,if she is pretty and to someone else,if she is plain"Alogernon views of the late-19th-century,often keep science for life.He felt marriage is so demoralizing and better at a bachelor.It is because Algernon in act 2 have been rather reckless,he says that cecily are the prettiest girl he ever saw.Because it's the first time they meet each other. 
Algernon speaking very rapidly to cecily ever since he first looked upon her wonderful and incomparable beauty,Algernon have dared to love cecily wildly,possionately,devotedly,hopelessly.You can felt upon the corky about his characters. 
The characters views of engagement.Alogernon not sure when was the engagement actually settled with cecily.Because worn out by Alogernon's entire ignorance of her existence,she determined to end the matter one way or the other,and after a long struggle with herself she accepted her love's Algernon under the dear old tree.They also suddently from entire ignorance to very cost together.A source of laughter for serious issue. 
The play's story-marriage,it's manners and obstacles by Lady Bracknell.From the lady Bracknell says "A hundred and thirty thousand pounds!And in the Funds!Miss Cardew seems to Lady Bracknell a most attractive young lady now that I look at her,but before Lady Bracknell says cecily hand her nephew Algernon is now holding in what seems to Lady Bracknell a peculiarly unnecessary manner.It's the big different than before. 
Algernon are come from the upper class.His value standards seem somewhat lax.As the upper class,to have absolutely no sense of moral responsibility.From "My dear fellow,it isn't easy to be anything nowadays there's such a lot of beastly competition about.We can feel that Algernon to be a confirmed Bunburyist ,he naturally want to talk to Jack about Bunburying on the three act.Later it become a real endding at the last act,they all accept by the Lady Bracknell.She think the lower class do not approve of anything that tampers with natural ignorance.Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit;touch it and the bloom is gone.The whole theory of modern education is radically unsound.Fortunately in England,at any rate,education produces no effect whatsoever.If it did,it would prove a serious danger to the upper classes,and probably lead to acts of violence in Grosvenor Square