The importance of being earnest-Algernon

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You can felt that Lady Bracknell how to recognized the position in good society. 
There is Lane as a servant in this play.He is presented his view about marriage from Algernon says "Lane's views on marriage seem somewhat lax.Really,if the lower orders don't set us a good example,what on earth is the use of them?They seem,as a class,to have absolutely no sense of moral responsibility" 
Besides the aristocrats,Lane's can show up only the marriage is a very pleasant state,have had very little experience up to the present.It's better than Algernon,he felt languidly at the moment.Algernon think that it should so demoralizing from the experience as that Lane's is marriage of a misunderstanding. 
It's never happened on algernon's life.It just happen on the lower class only.He often keep science for life.