The Inportance of Being Earnest

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Journal on "The Importance of Being Earnest" Stanley 
Character Analysis: 
1: John Worthing (Ernest): He was not quite earnest. Instead he was tricky. He used different names in different places. A man who did this is never an earnest man. Apparently he was not a man in high moral tone, he had expressed this when he explained Cesily's things to Algy. He was not an honest man also, he lied to Algy and Ms. Gwendolen. He disliked Algy's behaviors, but he often did the same thing as Algy did. For example, he tried to reach to the cucumber sandwiches in Algy's place, but warned Algy not to eat the muffins when they were in the yard. Besides, from the description of Jack's making propose to Gwendolen we can find that Jack took marriage seriously. This is the only characteristic that corresponds to "earnest." 
2: Algernon Moncrieff (Bunbury): He was absolutely not an honest man. He also used two names to cheat others. He is a playboy, for he took marriage as the tomb of romance. Compared with Jack he was less serious. He always talked in a mocking and ironic way. He was quite eloquent, especially when he flirted with Cecily. He always took things easily, no matter how serious the events are. He was the last of being earnest. 
3: Lady Bracknell: She was a very conventional woman, who took fame and wealth seriously. No matter how bad you behaved, she would appraise you if you have a big fortune or you are an inheritance of a noble. She cared about the intercourse manner. She liked to be famous, so she positively joined activities. 
4: Gwendolen: Strictly speaking, she was not smart, she looked only the surface of things. For example, she chose her husband by the name, or judged a person by her "never wrong" first impression. How foolish she was? She wore a mask of decent. She pretended that she was good temper or elegant, however she wasn't, and we can find the evidence from her argument with Cecily. She had a habit of writing down some important things or someone's words. 
5: Miss Prism: Actually, she was an old spinster. She was quite conservative and put much stress on education. Although she explained her "horticulturally metaphor", we can find she was still longing for love. 
6: Mr. Chasuble: He was a leaned person. But it seemed that he could not concentrate on his occupation of being a pastor. He still flirted with Ms. Prism with his second rate "Bee Metaphor". 
7: Cecily: She was a girl with little brain. She liked to stay in her own world. She was not quite like to study. She was so imaginary that she made up a story between she and Earnest. Although imaginary is fairly common among the teenaged girls, Cesily was much worse. She also judged things from the surface.