The importance of being Earnest

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Drama is quite different from poetry and fiction, it is more active and interesting. Drama is easier to understand and some dialogue used in the drama is funny and attractive, unlike poetry or fiction, which are hard to understand and analyze their meaning. "The importance of being earnest" is one of Oscar Wilde's most famous play, he wrote about Victoria Times' pomposity and hypocrisy, he contempted the luxurious life of the upper class. Here he still wrote the upper class lifestyle and their thoughts and point of view. 
The relationship is complex and the characters in the play have a sense of humor, they liked to play jokes on each other, thus aroused an interesting misunderstanding. First, I would like to talk about Algernon, he liked to eat very much and paid much attention to food. He was always playful and not serious. He didn*t like rules, he thought that "More than half of modern culture depends on what one shouldn*t read." It doesn*t mean that he had no rules or disciplines in his own life, He also had his own value. In other respect, sometimes he was like a daddy, he didn*t like traditional marriage, he thought that "In marriage life three is company and two is none", he loved and showed love for Cecily. Also, I think he was a wick person, he pretended to be another Ernest, and both Cecily and Gwendolen were in love with two Ernest. 
Jack was more serious than Algernon, but he was also lying to other people. He was easily nervous and responsible for love. Jack didn*t like Algernon because he said "Algernon, I wish to goodness you would go." although maybe it was just a kidding , I still think he didn*t like Algernon very much, maybe because he thought that Algernon was always not serious or talking nonsense. In other respect, Jack is serious that he urged Cecily to study German Grammar. He can*t help telling a lie about Ernest*s everything, for example, he told Miss Prism and Dr.Chasuble about the news of his brother*s death. However, Algernon appeared and pretended his brother, thus the joke was explored. In my opinion, Jack was serious about everything that he couldn*t take things easy. Such as the point of view about Burbury, Algernon thought that it was necessary to be a Burbury because everyone has a right to go whatever he or she want to go. On the contrary, Jack thought it was no need to be a Burbury when their lie was discovered. Anyway, I think that Jack is more serious but Algernon is more flexible in the respect of dealing with cases. 
As for as Cecily was concerned, she was a charming and innocent girl. Perhaps because her age, she liked to do everything she wanted to do, and revealed her hot temper in any situation, for example, when she found that Gwendolen was also in love with "Ernest" she disliked Gwendolen, she asked Gwendolen to have a cup of tea and cake or bread and butter, she intentionally put sugar in the tea and cut a large of cake, which Gwendolen didn*t want. It is quite funny and shows that Cecily*s innocency.Also Cecily had her own thoughts about love. She dreamed that one day she will marry Ernest and live a happy life. She had a habit of keeping a diary because she thought that we would forget something wonderful in our lives. So we had to write down something to record our daily lives. The point of view is different from Miss Prism*s. Miss Prism thought that we didn*t need to keep a diary to record what happened before. Our memory can have the function to remember our past lives. In my opinion, Cecily was more considerate than Gwendolen because she wouldn*t blame Ernest if he made a mistake, Gwendolen is more mature than Cecily, she knew about the society, she is more flexible in doing things. Both she and Cecily were funny, when they knew that the "Ernest" was the unreal name of Jack and Alergnon they made friends with each other again, they said they wouldn*t say a word about it, but they were so curious about the reason that they couldn*t help asking why. Then, I want to talk about Gwendolen*mother-Lady Brackneel, Lady Brackneel liked pomposity and rich people, she didn*t like the poor, she didn*t liked Cecily, but when Jack said that Cecily was very rich, she became to change her attitude toward Cecily and asked Cecily to stay and approve of Algernon and Cecily*s marriage. Also, Lady Brackneel always said something ironically and cruelly, for instance, she said " I haven*t been there since her poor husband*s death. I never saw a women so altered; she looks quite twenty years younger." If ones husband died, she should look elder or grief, but Lady Brackneel said she looks twenty years younger, I think she said it ironically. I think Lady Brackneel is quite immoral. From this point, we can see clearly that Oscar Wilde*s vivid description of the upper class* pursue of hypocrisy and arrogance, I think he wrote the character Lady Brackneel intentionally, he wrote it to present the upper class* seek of fame, money and even power, as I mentioned before he didn*t like their pomposity. Basically this play is interesting and funny, everyone was surprised at the ending that Jack is Algernon* brother, their joke became a truth. Jack finally found his mother, this made the play more wonderful and happier. Sometimes a joke is funny and interesting, but most of time we should be earnest and remember the importance of being "earnest".