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The fight and alliance of Cecily and Gwendolien Janet Chi 

I have never read this kind of Drama book before. It reads like a fiction by written in dialogue. The difference between Drama and fiction is that you know more about the emotions of the actor in the play from their conversation, and also find out that their personalities from their speech. It is hard to find those information from reading a fiction. In the play of " The Importance of Being Earnest", there are four main roles. Jack (Ernest), Algernon, Cecily , Gwendolen. It is funny to find out that the contrast between Jack and Algernon is just like the contrast between Cecily and Gwendolien. 
Jack has two name , he is named Ernest in the town and Jack in the country. He is much more serious in marriage than Algernon does. Cecily, a country girl as Gwendolien is a city girl. The relationship among them are complex. Jack and Algernon are both dishonest but romantic people. However, the difference between them is that Jack is a person who close to tradition, who think the end of falling love should be marriage. However, Algernon has different opinion, he does not agree with that marriage is the end of goal in falling love. What he would like to do is remain single and always fall in love with different girls. Besides, there is one more difference between Jack and Algernon. Algernon cares more about food. He likes to eat dilicious food , so style is more important than truth for him. On the contrary, Jack is a©ëÂÔ ªº¤H. Just like two men , the women have the same characteristics such as they are both innocent, but the difference between them is that the reason why they love Ernest. Gwendolien loves Ernest just because of the name. She likes "Ernest" this name. Cecily loves Ernest not only because the name but also a person with reckless personality. 
The later, when two women found out that they are cheated. They are both very anger, but none of them are willing to admit that they are wrong and losing. So at the page of 272, we can see that Cecily told Gwendolien," Our little country newspaper is sure to chronicle the fact next week." And Gwendolien Quickly answered her," The announcement will appear in the Morning Post on Saturday at the lastest. " Obviously, Gwendolien*s replay is trying to push pressure towards Cecily by showing that she is a city girl who has higher living standard than Cecily, a country girl. She is confident of herself and feel proud of being living in city. So Later she said , " I am glad to say that **. Our spheres have been widely different." She also looks down the country thing because she thinks it is out of time now ; (" Gwendolien : *., sugar is not fashionable any more ." and Gwendolien keeps saying ," **Cake is rarely seen at the best houses nowadays." In other meaning, Gwendlien tries to saythat Cecily comes from poor family. No one will like to be looked down , so they compete to each other by saying their motherplace is good and other*s is bad ;( "Gwendolien : Five counties ! I don*t think I should like that :*.." Cecily answered " Oh , flowers are as common here,*..,as people are in london." Gwendolien¤£¥Ì¬O®zand said, "Personsliy I cannot understand how anybody manages to exists in the country*..") Both of them do not want to lose their faces before other people. We can see that when entering Merriman, both of them are sternly and in a calm voice. 
It is ridiculous that in the Drama, two women happen to conflicts in their mind. They actually do not know what they want to do . In other words , we can say that they«e«á¥Ù¬Þ. When the first time they met each other , each of them showed that they like each other ( p290, Gwendolien told Cecily , " What a very sweet name! " and Cecily answered her , " How nice of you to like me *.." ) But the later , when they found out that they are cheated , they started to hate each other ; ( Gwendolien said , "From the moment I saw you I distrusted you**" and Cecily answered, " It seems to me*.." ) In my opinion, It is a very childish behavior , When they do not have anything conflicts, they can accept each other very well. When they have argument, they start to hate each other. When they found out the truth, they become to feel sorry to each other. So they¹Îµ²°_¨Ó, and feel sympathy to each other ; (" Gwendolien : My poor wounded Cecily !" also Cecily said , " My sweet wronged Gwendolien." ) This is their alliance. 
I think fight and alliance of Gwendolien an Cecily is the most intereseting and funny part in Act Second . So I choose this as my subject of Journal.