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The Importance of Being Earnest 
The background of the drama " The Importance of Being Earnest " was at the Victorian society. What Oscar Wilde wrote reflects the false situation from the high-class 
degree in that society. He use several people who have different personality to show this condition. Jack,the main role of the story did everything "like" a gentle man. 
However,in many ways ,what he did was just like his brother Algernon did and only exterior gentle.(such as eating muffins,cheating women about his name...)By way of this, 
we can see that Algernon was more honest than Jack although what he did was not good.He did not pretend that(before men)he is gentle. 
We can also see another false situation from what Jack and Algernon talked to each other after their real name was known by the two women. Although they speaked po- 
litely, they certainly criticized each other without saying any abusive language. One more we can find was that women like men only just because of their name "Earnest", 
not for whole ture love but its fame and nice to listen. Lady Bracknell also did not like Jack because his family background.(he did not know who are his parents,when he 
was a baby,he was picked from a handbag)All this showed that man at that society only took care about their exterior condition not what turely inside. 
The whole content is a irony story and really describe the situation exquisite at Victorian society. Even its title "The Important of Being Earnest" is a irony topic. 
"Being Earnest"does not really mean that one should be earnest but must be the man whose name is Earnest. Jack and Algernon even wanted to change their name to Earnest by 
christening! There were also many funny things in the story (such as Jack told a lie that he has a brother who named Earnest and Algernon pretended that he was Jack's brother 
when Jack wanted to get rid of "Earnest",when Bracknell heard Cecily had much money, she changed the attitude to Cecily...)and all this also show that what kind society 
Victorian was. When I knew that Oscar Wilde was a homo, I was not so surprised about that. Because there always strange man having great ideas and unbelievable genius.