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This play is about the hypocrisy and falseness of people in upper class. It is presented as a comedy and uses a kind of laughing speaking tone. Here I want to talk about the personalities of several main characters. 
Algernon always treats things with playful attitude. He is always cynical. He detests marriage which he considers nothing romantic in- "There is nothing romantic about a definite proposal". Why, one may be accepted. One usually is. Then the excitement is all over" and "Divorces are made in heaven." When talking about champagne, he said-"Is marriage so demoralizing as that." In spite of all these wards he mentioned, he made proposal to Cicly and offered her hands. His attitude about moral is strange. Ht thinks it is alright to flirt with young lady but scandalous for a husband to flirt with his wife. However, he criticizes that lane*s view on marriage is so lax and they have no sense of moral responsibility. It is so trickish for him to invent Bunbury which is a useful excuse to refuse Lady Bracknell*s invitation for dinner and make Bunbury disappear if it is necessary . for him, telling a lie is nothing serious for he said that " The truth is rarely pure and never simple. Modern life would very tedious if it were either,*The name of this play is "The importance of being earnest", but people in it always tell lies. 
Jack, compared with Algernon, was more serious about love and marriage. He also invented a brother called Ernest. His hypocrisy can been seen when he wanted to get rid of Ernest. He cared so much about the disease (he made up for Ernest) is hereditary or not. 
In my opinion, Lady Bracknell was the very typical characteristics of people in upper class. When Algernon said he must take care of Bunbury and could not come to her dinner. She said, without sympathy, that "I think it is high time that Mr. Bunbury made up his mind whether he was going to live or to die." It seems to her that one could choose to be sick or healthy because she asked Bunbury not to relapse his disease on Saturday. When Algernon said that Bunbury is dead., she thought that as a revolutionist, he deserved it. It also shows her persisting in tradition and objecting to reform. The same aspect can be found when she talked about modern education. She thought that modern education would endanger the privilege of upper class and probably lead to revolution . Lady Bracknell adored reputation and wealth very much. She looked down on Jack because he was abandoned by his parents. What*s more ridiculous, she even asked Jack to invent at least one parent . It shows that all she cared was the decency but the truth. 
Gwendolen was a girl with vanity and phantasy. She decided to like or dislike a person by the name or the appearances. She loved Jack at the first sight mostly because his name was Ernest. She liked Cicly when they met for the first time by her first impressions-"My first impression of people will never be wrong". After that , they detested each other and Gwendolen changed her tone to say that" from the first time I saw you, I distrusted you. She did not admit that hr first impression was wrong. Cicly was a girl whose mind was filled with romance and phantasy. She also liked the name Ernest. She wrote letters to herself and imagined the date they broke up or was engaged. She was very romantic and liked to dream. She said that " It would hardly have been a really serious engagement if it had not been broken at least once. 
People in this play are courteous and elegant in appearance but, in fact, they are not earnest at all.