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The Importance of Being Earnest-- From this drama, I find that we can know the social condition of Victorian period. Besides, the plot brings us to reason that don*t try to deceive others or you will fall into a bad situation. Compared with Algernon, Jack is more serious. Algernon conceived that in marriage life "three is company and two is none". He even thought that the only way to behave to a woman is to make love to her if she is pretty. All these show that he is cynical toward his life except one thing-eating. It seems that he hated people who were not serious about meals and always enjoyed eating when he confronted any trouble. However, both Jack and Algernon deceived others after all. They used unreal names to cover up their behavior. And it*s more sarcastic that their lovers, Gwendolen and Cecily just love their Christian name-Ernest. As we can know these two women are too idealistic and romantic toward their marriage. Even if they knew the fact , they still decided to forgive Jack and Algernon because they expected that they can be christened and become Ernest. Basically, they had already been enamored of this name. 
In addition, Lady Bracknell is an important character. She represents a superficial woman who emphasizes the importance of money and social status in upper-class society. When she learned that Cecily had a hundred and thirty thousand pounds in the Funds, she praised her really solid qualities and conceived that there were distinct social possibilities in Cecily*s profile. Similarly, when she knew Jack also had investments, she became satisfied with Jack*s character. She not only emphasized money ,but also put a high premium on one*s honorable behavior. She even disliked people who objected to old rules. For instance, she regarded German as a respectable language and thought French songs were improper. She is really a greedy and vainglorious woman who enjoyed fame and wealth. 
All the characters in this plot are too prudish so that they become hypocritical. And I can feel this society is hierarchical. People in Victorian society must obey certain rules which displayed the ordinary decencies of family life. The author used ingenious epigrams and interesting dialogue to make readers understand the importance of being earnest. Although the whole plot is exaggerated and funny, the implication of the contents is inspiring. 
Name: Daisy Wu