The Importance Of Being Earnest

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THe Importance Of Being Earnest 
This drama is about value poits of a person. Sometimes, people may judge 
a person by his propety, social class, or name. In this drama, Lady Bracknell 
judges a person by his propety and social class, and she made a list of many young 
boys' names, because she wants to choose her daughtor's husband from this list. 
And, I think a person such as her is too realitistic and she must have no good 
impressions of lower class. Hence, when she knew her daughtor likes Mr. Worthing, 
she asked him about his background. Gwendolen, she decides that whether she likes 
the person or not by his name. I think that is too rediculous. Nobody can judge 
a person by his name, so I think she is quite superficial. The reason why she 
likes Mr. Worthing is his name, not his personality or property. When she met 
Cecily at first time, she found that she and Cecily will become great friends, 
because of her first impression of Cecily's name. They kept a plesant talking 
until they found each of them were engaged to a person called "Ernest". After 
they knew that, they started talking to each other satirically. When they had 
tea in Cecily's home, Cecily played a trick on Gwendolen by food on purpose. 
They used their toungs to quarrel with each other. Gwendolen said that from the 
moment she saw Cecily she distrusted her. Then, Cecily told her the same thing. 
However, this is different from the forward situation. 
Jack and Algernon used the name "Ernest" to decived Gwendolen and Cecily. They 
don't know that these two women would meet toghther. This lie was spread out 
when Jack and Algernon appeared toghther. Gwendolen and Cecily talked about different 
persons but the same name "Ernest". At first, the two women were angry with those 
who cheated them, but they didn't insist on that. They forgave Jack and Algernon, 
because they always do what they didn't want to do at first. If I were Gwendolen 
or Cecily, I couldn't bear a person who lied to me.Both Jack and Algernon are 
Bunbury. I think they are too stupid to use the same name, but this error is 
Algernon made, if he didn't use "Ernest", their lies wouldn't burst out. 
Cecily is a superficial girl, she also likes a man because of his name. She 
keeps her diary, but she keeps luxury words or very ordinary things in her diary. 
Besides, she takes her diary as treasure. Although she is smarter than Gwendolen, 
she can't avoid being decived by Algernon. 
At last, Jack realizes that he must be earnest in his life. And, this drama has 
a happy ending. All people forgive those who had ever cheated others.