The Importance of being Earnest (Drama)

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~ The Importance of Being Earnest ~ 
This is my first time to read drama in english ,and afte reading ,I feel the whole is very interesting.From this play, 
we can know more about the situation of the upper class in the age of Victoria in England.The inspriation of the plot was 
that we should be earnest to everyone or you will get the result that you never expect. Just like what Jack said in the end , 
"it is a terrible thing for a man to find out suddenly that all his life he has been speaking nothing but the turth." The 
end surprised me very much and was ironic,too.The all characters were well-educated but hypocritical.What they said was 
suggestive to make readers to be familiar with the plot ! The characters all had their own personalities and through them , 
author conveied the conception of the people in the upper society.The characers all stressed on the superficial skill.They 
treated other without real heart even if they talked about the love. 
Algernon,he didn't like to be controlled and he would think that we should take everything easy , not too serious.In 
the other hand ,he put emphasis on eating seriously,"I hate people who are not serious about meals." From act 1 to act 3 , 
he always thought of eating ," the cucumber sandwich,andmuffins."Maybe he use this way to solve the pressure he had. He 
looked things with playful attutide,though,he was not romantic,"I really don't think anything romantic in proposing." He 
hated the rules of the tradition , "It is absurd to have a hard and fast rule about what one should read and what one 
shouldn't .More than half of modern culture depends on what one shouldn't read." Comparison with Algy,Jack was more serious 
than he,from the way he looked at the marriag.Jack,basiclly speaking ,was the same as Algy,because both of them all invented 
another unreal persons," Poor Bunbury",and"Brother Earnest."They liked to tell a lie but they dislike others to deceive them 
when they know they two did the same thing.Jack and Algernon cheated their lovers about their name.Why they did so? This is 
another sign of the upper class,they cared about the people's fame.Miss Gwendolen loved Jack ,and She seemed that she was 
proud to marry the man named "Ernest".She said,"my ideal has always been to love someone of the name of Ernest."Cecily ,as 
the same as Gwendolen ,said"it had always been a dream of mine to love some one whose name was Ernest." The two women had 
different background of growing,but they had the uniform dream,it showed that the the upper society was false and unreal.We 
also could know that the education in the upper class produced various people.Gwendonlen was very confident on herself ,she 
said,"I am always smart!Am I not?" Cecily was a very funny girl because she always took and kept a diary with her in 
case that she would forget something worthy.At last act,they knew that they were deceived by Jack and Algernon,but the two women 
still forgave them,because the two women were romantic.In fact, I felt sorry for Jack and algernon with the view of Gwendonlen and 
Cecily just loving their christened name.What a ironic thing it is .Maybe it was the punishment of Jack and Algernon's mendacity. 
Lady Bracknell,in my opinion,was the very typical woman of the upper class.She considered money and fame as everything.By the way, 
she emphasized on the difference of the meritocracy,and she could not bear the lower classes and she mockeried the modern education, 
seh said:"Fortunately,in England,at any rate,education produces no effects whatsoever.If it did,it would prove a danger to the upper 
class." She worshiped the reputation and hoped that her daughter could marry a man who might fulfill her expection. 
The plot was very complex and splendiding.Those dialogs showed the greedy and hypocracy of the high-class degree society.Finally the 
end was happy for people but I felt sad for the humanlity, of the people of the upper class. 
I admired the author very much because he could use those smiple dialog to describe those people vividly and at same time,I think 
that he might observe people in the upper class for a long time and then wrote the drama.And he put many implication into the plot to 
let readers cogitate "the importance of being earnest!" Many allusive words were used very ingenious and the small plots would make me 
laugh ,because what the people in the play was very humorious.Totally speaking,the whole story was comedy to satirize the upper socirty. 
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