The Importance of Being Earnest

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The Importance of Being Earnest was successful play which critize all hypocrisy and absurd ideas that the people of aristocracy in England have. 
Every characters in this play were hypocrisy. They pretended to be honest and earnest, but they always told lies. They concerned lying was an absurd and wicked manner, but they were all liars while they had some motives. The two main male characters were the best example. 
Algernon was the least earnest person in the play. At the very beginning, he had eaten all the cucumber sandwiches, but he and Lane told Lady Bracknell that there were no cucumbers in the market that morning. Moreover, he had invented an invaluable permanent invalid called Bunbury, in order that he might be able to go down into the country whenever he liked. He did not fell shame or guilty to tell lie, but he thought that a man who married should know Bunbury. He was cynical, he tried to excape from reality by lying to everyone and himself, he love scrapes, he did not care that Bunbury would get him into troubles. He thought that enagement and marriage were invaluable and wasting time, in addition, he thought that divorces were made in Heaven. He said that the truth is rarely pure and never simple, he did not like the value of serious. He disagreed with the flirt between Mack and Bwendolen, but after he met Cecily, he flirted with her by saying that she was a pink rose. To him, relations were simple a tedious pack of people who haven't got the remotest knowledge of how to live, nor the smallest instinct about when to die. Nothing could made him interest and serious, but only Bunburying and eating affair. He made rules about Bunburying and he felt interest to confirm whether Jack was a Bunbutyist or not. He was also serious about eating affairs. When he went to Jack's house in the country, he did not forget to take the large luncheon-basket with him. he also hated the people who was not serious with eating. he said that when he was in trouble, eating was the only thing that consoled him. 
Algy changed his attitude touwards marriage and proposal easily after meeting Cecily, he wanted to marry her at once. By knowing that Cecily wabted to marry the one who named Ernest, Algy arranged to get christened at once to change his name into Ernest in order to please Cecily. We can see his movable character was absurb somehow. 
Jack was a earnest-looking person in the play. he disagreed with all the cynical idess that Algernon had. But both of their characters were similar. Jack believed that marriage was divined from god, and his attiude was more serious than algy. He disagreed with Bunburying, but he used to calll himself Jack in country and Ernest in the town. Ank he decided to deceive the fact to Bwendolen because she would like to marry the man named Ernest. Lady Bracknell refused their marrage, he pretended calm, but after she left, jack was angry and said that she was a Borgon. So he was hypocrisy as well. jack deceived Cecily and Miss Prism that he had a brother called Ernest, but he told them that his brother was died after Gwendolem accept his proposal. He was a Bunburyist too. 
After Gwendolen and Cecily found out the tricks, jack and Algernon seemed worry, but both of them were still calmly eating muffins while they were talking. Since Jack did not show more serious than Algy, they were similar to each others. 
Morever, when jack thought that Miss Prism was his mother, he said that he did not mind whether she was unmarried or not. He did not care about the law and immorality, showed that he was not as earnest as he looked like. His perspective towards morality was also upset. 
At the end of the play, he found out that he really had a brother, Algernon, and he really named Ernest. He said that it was a terrible thing for a man to find out suddenly that all his life he has been speaking hothing but the truth. Although Jack seemed earnest all the time, he disguised all the time. he did not tell truth because of self-defence, but by some mistakes, he did. And suddenly being an honest people make him feel a sense of guilty. 
Through the characters in the play, critiaed a lot on how hypocrisy the people were mainly for self-defense and for their own good. Everyone were hypocisy in the society, but none of them felt sorry or guilty about what they did, this was really a tragedy of society.