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The Importance of Being Earnest 

After I read this drama, I feel it is very interesting. In the act 1, at beginning, from the conversation between Jack and Algy, we can find their points of view are quite different. For example, Algy regarded love was romantic, but marriage isn't. So I feel he was a playboy. His attitude toward things was not seriously, even if the situation getting worse, he always takes it easy. It is very interested that he always care about eating. But Jack was opposite to Algy, he thought marriage was important, and he dealed things seriously. Comparing with Algy, Jack was more conscious than Algy. It is very funny that first, they all invest another person. Jack had invested this person is his brother whose name was Ernest, in order to let him more easily to come to city and win the Gwendlen's heart. On the contary, Algy had invented an invaluable permant invalid called Bunbury, in order that he may be able to go down into the country. Second, they all pretended they were Ernest to cheat Cecily and Gwendlen. In different, if Gwendlen accepted Jack, he would get rid of Ernest. From this point, we can find Jack loved Gwendlen, and didn't want to cheat her. Till the act 2, this event exploded, Jack arranged himself with Dr. Chasbule to be christend. 
Lady Bracknell, he was a conservative woman. She regarded money, high status, and good background stand for everything. Only have money, ugly woman could be a beautiful woman. She controled her daughter, and chated her husband, this behavior made us angry, but she didn't do any bad thing to other people. 
The thought of Gwendlen and Cecily was ridiculous, they regarded the man was good or not only by his name. So Jack and Algy pretended they were Ernest to chet them. I feel Cecily and Gwendlens' attitude to marriage are also playful just like Algy. Because when they knew the truth, they didn't get angry.