The importance of being Earnest.

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Oscar Wilde is good at writing the ironic drama, and the feature of his drama is that 
he always used the dircet way to describe the characters of the protagonists. The im- 
portance of being earnest is the typical one of the ironic drama. Its structure is very 
simple but the plot is compact because it is easy for readers to thaw themselves into 
the nervous atmosphere. This is called "the well-made play".The readers are 
thirsting for the following plot when enjoying the story. But it is easy for them to 
make them out of expected. Especially their dialogues, it can be said that they are the 
most important part thorough all the story. 
For example, Lady Bracknell talked about the matter of Lady Harbury's husband. She 
said:" I hadn't been there since her poor husband's death. I never saw a womann so 
altered; she looks quite twenty years younger." If you din't finish the whole sentence, 
you must think that Lady Bracknell wanted to say: How poor she is or something like 
that. As a result, the readers are often brought into the other situation that they never 
expect. This kind of dialogues is called paradox, and it can make the readers anticipate 
the story but finally exceed their expectations. That is the reason why the readers who 
like to appreciate his story so much. They can have a lot of fun when they go through 
this story. 
Also, the ironic drama reflected the humanility and the society originally. The importance 
of being earnest satirized the greedy, self-contradictory, selfish and false of the high 
society in England. The protagonists of this story liked to express their ideas in 
preposterous, and they all did the things they would like to do regardless other people's 
feelings. It seems that they aren't restrained by logic and morality and look so absurd. 
But Wilde showed the real humanity by this story successfully.