Poetry Part2

Poster¡G Lynx Huang at 11:49:29 11/19/97 from c550-16.svdcc.fju.edu.tw
About "Metaphors," the speaker wanted us to guess her pregnancy instead of telling us directly. Was that because she did not like her figure or just wanted to make us feel interested? Maybe both of them. She described her belly as an elephantine, ponderous house, a melon and her legs as tendrils. Also, the descriptions of her baby were red fruit and fine timbers. The house could be made of timbers; that is, her child could make her life more meaningful. According to this, the last line should mean that she was contented to be pregnant. 
About "I'm Nobody! Who Are You?" I think being a nobody is good, because I don't think a nobody is really a person who has no affect on others. As the dialogue goes, "Who are you?" "I'm nobody!" As for Emily Dickinson, she was not one who has no affect on others, either. Therefore, I think the main point is that being somebody is dreary. That was why she who came from a rich family and had a good background chose to live alone and refused to meet her friends face by face.