The Journal-Personal Identity

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The Journal- Personal Identity 
"Metaphors"-After reading this poem, I think the speaker of this poem is a pregnant female. Her body changed with the process of pregnancy. Therefore 
she thought herself was a riddle. She compared herself as an elephant, a strolling melon. She also thought her body was like "the loaf's big with its yeasty rising" because she was pregnant. "a ponderous house" represents she just can stay at home and has nothing to do. "Money's new-minted" represents there will be a new life growing in her body. She couldn't get rid of this kind of duty since she was pregnant. In the last line, I guess she thought she must take care of the body and stand the painful process of childbirth lonely, but her husband couldn't feel her feelings. According to her tone, she wanted to resign from a pregnant process. 
"I'm Nobody! Who Are You?"- In the first stanza, we can know the speaker of this poem yearns for freedom. She didn't want to be restricted living in a narrow world. She thought she was "Nobody", however she didn't want to be lonely. Therefore she tried to make friends with the reader of this poem, in the second stanza. She thought that being "Somebody" was dreary and "Somebody" must care everything all the time and also "Somebody" are often busy to aspiring after false reputation in their unreal world. She thought that was so tired. 
"I Heard a Fly Buzz- When I Died"- I think the speaker of this poem has died. She described her dying process. "Fly" represents that being died and she had thrown away common customs. In the last stanza, "the windows" represents the eyelids. "I could not see to see" Points out she couldn't see herself with her mental eyes. In the end, I guess she should have the desire that she didn't want to die. 
"A Noiseless Patient Spider"- In the first stanza, the spider is lonely and isolated and always continues its job of making a web. The work never stops. The spider is a symbol of the soul. The soul drifts in the expensive land lonely. Therefore in the last two lines, it represents the soul forms the bridge and anchor can communicate with outer world and contact and let the soul no longer lonely.