Two kinds of Fathers

Poster¡G Hedy Tsai at 12:25:51 11/19/97 from
Compare "Those Winter Sundays" with "My Papa's Waltzs". 
In these two poems, the speaker described their fathers 
in difficult ways. In "Those Winter Sundays" his father got 
up early and put on his clothes in blueblack cold(nippy cold) 
His father took care of the speaker as a mother. He also needed 
to fix breakfast and did housework. But the child took it for 
granted. In the poem they even seldom taiked to each other or 
speak indifficultly to each other. It seemed that his father 
was nitnothing but a hired servent and always doing daily routine. 
The son also didn't appreciate his father at all. The relation between 
them was a little bit negative. In "My Papa's Waltz" the speaker show his 
admiration, closeness and love to his father more than the first one. 
IN line 4, "I hang on like death" not only showed the son's dependence 
on his father but showed that the son wasn't good at dancing. Even so 
they still had a very good time and lots of fun,"We romped until the pans 
slid from the kitchen self." they didn't mind other things, just pay attention 
to their dance,Besides his father was not good at dancung, either.(every 
step you missed)