papawaltz---family relation

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The tone of the speaker seems to be very with delight while he has chance to dance with his father in the sense of the poem itself. Nevertheless, it is true? Why does the speaker says, "could make a small boy dizzy; but " hung on like death ". The dance between father and child should be merrily, instead of being kind of scared. Though the poem is with strongly stress, rhythm and rime, it shows no family warmth deep inside the speaker's heart. I guess that the function of the stresses in poem is to provide a contrast to speaker's scary. It tries to exaggerate the stress to show the speaker is happy to dance with the father, but on the other side he is afraid to see father's brutality and mother's anger. I can feel the uncertainty and¤£¦wof the speakers. He is even not able to dance with father with heart , and the father is always the dominate one. Father seems to control over him, and he is not dare to do anything against his father. Maybe that's because he is merely a little child , father to him can be a big shadow and a giant. In his mind a drunk father may a very terrified one, but he is still hope to get closer with father. There is no clue for showing the relationship between the father and child, but I think it is quite the ordinary style of Chinese father and children. They do not have well communications so that they know less to show love toward each other. 
In the poet it uses the word "countenance" instead of the word " face". It suggests 
the deeper relationship between the mother and child. The speaker must be very sensitive about the mother's feelings. He must understand the pain inside mother's mind. The mother's pain may be another voice to against father's brutality. Or it may be another feeling comes directly from the speaker. It seem that voice of feminine will no more give in. Besides, it also suggests the relationship between mother and child is much more homorny than that with father. 
As mentioned before, the speaker is scared to some extent. The same situation is performed while parents having conflicts. Children always play the roles as victims. Sometimes they even don't know how to cooperate with the problems, they are hurt deeply 
and seriously.