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Poster¡G Nadia Chi at 17:52:30 11/18/97 from
It's effective that most readers find two very 
different interpretations given by this poem , a 
struggle o two opposite ideas come along our 
minds . Therefore , the interpretation of a poetry 
seems to be a very important tool focussing spe- 
cially on the poem's tone. 
Concentrating in certain details , one could re- 
fer the narrator expressing his resentment for his 
father , as a drunken brute with dirty hands and a 
whiskey breath who carelessly the child and 
mistreat him . By noticed some of the events in 
the poem and perceived that in the son's hanging 
on to the father "like death", there is somthing 
desperate . This is one portion in which easily 
puzzle us to commit and incorrect concept of what 
the poem realy want to connote.The function to 
catch the proper tone is extremely required in 
this poem , missing the tone of it conduct the 
reader to misunderstood it altogether . 
Among other things , by paying attention to the 
lively rhythms of the poem ,the playful rimes like 
dizzy and easy , the joyful suggestions of the 
words 'waltz' , 'waltzing' , and 'romped' . Proba- 
bly this is a visualization of the whole scene in 
all it's comedy with kitchen ,pans falling and the 
father happily using his son head for a drum . In 
the last line the boy is still clinging the play 
with persistent love and joy . 
Such a poem , however it includes vivid details 
that aren't pretty ,but has a tone relatively easy 
to recognize . So does this 'satiric poem' , that 
generally transmit a message . The whole tone and 
feeling contains love , pain , humor , and nostal- 
gia all mixed . Indefinitely a suggestion of 
lightness to all readers .