My Papa's Waltz

Poster¡G Nancy Zju at 12:9:44 11/19/97 from
In the first and second stanza, we can find 
that the son and his father didn't dance very well 
,So they bumped the pans on the kitchen shelf. 
And we also can find some clue about his mother's 
attitude or relationship with the boy. When the 
pans fallen down from the shelf, mother's 
countenance become very unhappy. So I think that 
his mother was a solemn person, she didn't like 
to play with them. This poem also revealed that 
the boy was more closed to his father. 
And from the third stanza the boy described 
the hands that held his wrist was battered on one 
knuckle; this maybe implies that his father worked 
very hard to support their family. 
Does the sentance"You beat time on my head 
with a palm caked hard by dirt," means that they 
were too impatient to wait to dance when his 
father coming home? So he had no time to wash his