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Poster¡G Vicky Chang at 13:5:49 12/28/97 from

This poem is talking about the social control and conformity 
of people in middle class or even lower class. The tone is quite ironic. What the person does in this poem always satisfies the society, just like the sentence-For everything he did he served the greater community. In his employer*s point of view, he is a good employee. he works hard without complaint and is never a scab or odd in community. He is the kind of person that the boss likes the most. For the society, he is a model citizen. He buys a paper everyday; he is fully insured and popular with mates. Besides, he is also a contributor to the society. He has five children which would be considered a proper number for population. He has almost every daily necessity of modern society, which contributes to support the improvement of science. He seldom feels sick. The Health-card shows that he was once in hospital only which saves the cost of social welfare. He is a perfect model citizen in every way. He is always a proper and normal person, both in his behaviors and opinions. When there was peace, he is for peace; when there was war, he went. He is always obedient, always acting properly and following the trend of the society. He seldom shows his own personality and the differences from others. It seems that he owns everything that we considers a happy man requires. Is he free? Is he really happy? I do not think so. The society has so much control and pressure which would make people forget about themselves. They just let themselves flow with the trend without much consciousness. In fact, to think about ourselves, we are also in the trend of our kind of social conformity. Children are taught to get high grades by parents and teachers. Adults are under the pressure to find a good positions or earn lots of money. It is sad to admit that as long as we are alive, we can never get rid of this invisible controll.