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Course: Introduction to Literature 
Name: Maxine Y.C. Huang 
Number: 486200444 
Topic: After Reading "Disillusionment of ten o*clock 

This is the last piece of journal about poetry. And, I want to choose the poem named "Disillusionment of ten o*clock" as a subject to discuss. 
In my opinion, the poem can be divided into two section. Section one is from "The houses are haunted" to "To dream of baboons and periwinkles." In this section, 
the poet used many strange images to convey his own criticism of the society. At first. I was really confused, because those things which the poet mentioned had no connection 
between each other. But, after reading it for several times, I gradually understood that 
he used those things as some kinds of metaphor. Such as, haunted houses, white night- 
gowns, those colorful rings, socks of lace, and dreaming of baboons and periwinkles. 
Firstly, let me analyze the "white night-gowns". I thought that night-gowns gave 
people the impression about pliability and softness. You might say that pliability and softness are not bad. But, if a person or even the people in the whole society are too pliable and soft to take a risk on making new attempt to improve our life. Then, our society would lose its energy, and become still and dead. Just like the color of white, so dull and plain and had no other special content. No one have individuality, no one have his own thought. So, the poet said that "None are green, or purple with green rings,*, or yellow with green rings. And, "None of them are strange,";"People are not going to dream of baboons and periwinkles." This kind of social condition --- everyone*s braid was concreted by some kinds of dead rules, and everybody seemed to be mesmerized! I think this was the reason why the poet said "the houses are hounted." "House" stood for our society and "haunted"meant that this strange society was guite freak to the poet. 
The poet couldn*t agree with that kind of unconscious atmosphere. So, in the second section the poet created an image of an old, drunk, and asleep sailor to against the colorless socirty. The sailor*s action --- catches tigers in red weather might a symbolic of individualism. He did what he want to do bravely. And, I think that the poet described the old sailor was drunk and asleep must have a deeper meaning. Because of the sailor*s drunk and sleep that he could don*t pay attention to what other people think about him, did something really special, and had his own thinking. 
Personally speaking, I totally agree with the poet*s opinion. Everyone really should live a conscious life, or his life must make no sense. We human beings are not machines. We have the ability of thinking and making a choose. So, we have the right to decide what to do for our future, and not to be modeled into the same shape. 
It is necessary for all of us to re-judge our life again.