I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud

Poster¡G Sophia at 20:8:14 12/29/97 from
We all know that a cloud doesn't have a pattern shape 
and fixed home, it just floats with the wind everywhere 
in the sky. I think the speaker is like a vagrant 
who doesn't have a home, for he felt that he was as 
lonely as a cloud.The poem is started with "I wandered 
lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er vales and 
hills."maybe a suggestion that he has been to many places and 
experienced many upper-class and lower-class life 
just as a cloud floats on vales and hills. 
Then, daffodils are flowers, the speaker personify 
them probably because he doesn't have many friends 
and he wants the daffodils to become his friends or 
companions.In this way,he may not be so lonely, and I 
think he tried to make friends with people and nature 
he doesn't like to wander, or he wants to find a goal 
wants to settle down. 
He wrote the daffodils which may create a warm scene 
,they are acompanied by the lake, the bay, the breeze, 
the sparkling waves, and so on.Nature (the lake,.......) 
brings happiness and joy to the flowers, and makes 
the flowers not be lonely and isolated. I guess the speaker 
has changed his isolated-identity since he contected with nature 
.He has got some thing valueable.In this poem, there are 
many words which have the meaning "happy", such as "sprightly", 
"gay", "glee","jocund",and"bliss".Thus, I think basically the speaker 
is happy in the end. 
From the final stanza, I think the speaker came to realize that he 
isn't lonely as a cloud. He has an "inward eye", it may be a hint that 
he can use his imagination and feeling to make friends, he can see the 
inner world.Also, he can seek out much happiness in this way.The 
sentence"They flash upon that inward eye which is the bliss of 
solitude," I think that the speaker has absulutely changed his 
self-identity, he opened the door in his heart to welcome his new life. 
From this poem, we realize that the power of nature is really great 
and unbelievable, it can influence people' thoughts, actions and character. 
Also, we can get lots of benefits from nature,the speaker is by far a good example, 
he opened his inward eye and found himself not to be lonely anymore , and even made friends with 
nature. Therefore, I think we should contact with nature frequently and open our inward eye.