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The World Is Too Much with Us - by WILLIAM WORDSWORTH 
In the industrial and commercial society, science and technology are so advanced. New things are produced quickly and many things become old right away. So on the first line the speaker says " late and soon ". I think the speaker thinks that the society is a material society because of the two words " getting and spending ". The whole society provides so many things for us that we don't cherish them. We just receive these convenient and new products, use them and then throw away. If they are not sufficient and then we get more. The whole actions in our daily life are " getting and spending ". Little by little, we are submerged by these matter and we lose abilities of thinking and acting just as the speaker says " lay waste our power ". In order to get more material things and fulfill our desire, we sell our soul and our hearts are not truthful but un-fresh. This is what the speaker says on the 4th line. And in this kind of society, the speaker describes Nature as sleeping flowers which are unconscious. But I think it may be appropriate to describe these flowers as people. As I said before, sleeping flowers don't have consciousness just as people care about the material society without being aware of the existence of Nature. 
On the 8th line, the speaker says " we are out of tune ". It means in the society, all we touch is material things and we neglect Nature. We can't listen to Nature, even are hard to connect with it. So on the last four lines, the speaker describes Nature scene and the sea gods to show that actually, he would rather there are not so many modern things but he wants to touch with Nature. In the world, all material things don't have life; only the creatures in Nature are vital. So I think the speaker uses sea gods as human beings to present the vitality of Nature. 

Harlem is an area where Black people live and we can imagine what that place look like. It must be very dirty, dark and full of crime. At the beginning of this poem, it uses the word " deferred ". We know that Black people live bad and poor life and many of them have no money to go to school. And these people who don't receive education can only live low-class life so that in order to have better life, they choose to do a crime. I think it is vicious circle. So because of the environment and background, it is not easy for them to succeed or to have great achievement. So I think the word " deferred " means that Black people don't know when they can make their dreams come true. 
Have you seen the dried raisin under the sun? I think it may be ugly and isn't attractive at all just like Black people's dreams which are hard to practice. And even the author uses festering sore and rotten meat to describe their dreams. On the 9th and 10th line it says that " Maybe it just sags like a heavy load ". I think the author want to express that for Black people, having those beautiful dreams ( have good job, live better life, earn more money )is a kind of burden; dreaming these dreams can only make them more painful. At the end the author asks " does it explode? ". Maybe after struggling, Black people still can't improve their situation, so these dreams break and they can only use violence to solve their problems.