The World is Too Much for Us

Poster¡G Karen at 16:28:25 1/12/98 from
In the poem of "The World Is Too Much For Us," the speaker is complaining about people's waste. After Industrial Revulsion, every thing is made for earning money. Machine can make products much faster than hand made. Besides, people get more clear ideas about nature. Human can make so many things by our own whenever we want. As a result, we are getting extravagance than used to be. In the modern world, people usually value others by how much money he owns instead of considering his personal moral situation. Therefore, nothing is more important than money. People are occupied by money. The speaker thought that the world was filled with people's neverless wishing. 

The speaker was sad to see people destroying our environment. Because he said that he would feel better if he had glimpses of the pleasant lea Basically, he loves our surroundings very much. He thought the sea gave everything of its own for us. Therefore, we all can get food from it. Moon is the symbol of human. The speaker thought that people in the modern world should protect our environment. "A Pagan sucked in a creed outworn" tells us to be economic rather than be extravagant. There is a good old Chinese saying, " To be economic is a good virtue." The Triton blow his wreathed horn might means he is angry. People used to horn a horn before starting a war. If Triton blow his horn, it means that he can't tolerate people any more. He wants to punish people; the horn is a warning. 

In the handbook, it says that a sonnet has three quatrains and a couplet, and rhymes are " abab cdcd efef gg." In the first quatrain, it rhymes "abba"; second one rhymes "cddc"; third one rhymes "efef". There is not a couplet because its rhyme doesn't match. The rhyme always helps a poem in reading. It sounds better if a poem is rhymed.