The world is too much with us.

Poster¡G Denise Tsai at 20:23:1 1/15/98 from
Since the industry revolution brought the humem into a science and technology society, 
people started to feel the advantages from these science products. As a result, people 
think they should make more much momey to improve their lives. The money is the only thing 
for people to buy everything precious including beautiful clothes, jewels, and their 
"vanity". "Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers." means that people regard their 
life as a busy world and material world. "We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!" says 
that people forget where they are deceived by their greed hearts. Besides, people don't know 
they are sons of nature, not the creaters of the world and they are not afraid that if they 
destory their places where they only can live, there is not the other earth which can provide 
the fresh air and clear water for them. The polution problem, materialism and the greedy desire 
of people makes the world become a ugly and money-earning world. The world is like a sleeping 
flower because it doesn't give its reaction to people. It seems to them that they havn't been 
conscious of the slow changes of the world, but when everything is all changed, it is too late 
for them to save their life. Now it is just the quietness before the coming of the storm.