The World Is Too Much With Us

Poster¡G Linda Chu at 12:9:22 12/29/97 from
"The world is too much with us" What does he mean by the "world"? The 
world refers to material world. And the second line's "getting and spending" 
shows modern people's values. People are busy spending money to get things 
they want. What connect between man and man is merely the "exchanging of 
material", and gradually people's hearts dying because they don't feel love 
and warmth in this material world. That's why in the 12th line the speaker 
mentioned "Have glimpses that would me less forlorn". Only money and advantage 
stuff up this world, he feels lonely so he find Nature to be his companion. 
He thinks people's hearts are preoccupied with materialism so they don't know 
how to appreciate Nature. He said "We are out of tune". Why? because in our 
hearts we build a wall(which is materialism) between Nature, and then we 
become not knowing to correspond to Nature. So he said he would rather be a 
Pagan--to escape the creeds of material world. The image of sea can be compared 
to "a mother of earth". Under its tender nursing, creature grows. And "The winds 
that will be howling at all hours" can be compared to 'lullaby". Every creature 
is nursing in this cradle(sea) and sleeps with lullaby(winds). Men are aiso a 
kind of creature, so he thinks people should go back to Nature, just like him-- 
to be a Pagan to escape the material world. If we do, we can stand on the pleasant 
lea and have glimpses that make us less lonely and we might see Proteus rising 
from the sea or hear old Triton blow the wreathed horn.(just as what he mentioned 
in 11th~14th line) The mythological allusions to Proteus and Triton may implies 
that if we discard the materialism in our heart and go back to Nature, we may gain 
back our lost innocence as if return to the ancient Greek to get close to seagods(