Modern World

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1.The Second Coming-W. Yeats 
The second coming this poem is describe the 
phenomenon of the modern world. The author showed 
his expectation to the world in the future. He 
thought that world is like a circle when one 
stage is going to ruin, the other new stage will 
come to replace the old one. Besides this I think 
that the author also had a little bit fear of the 
the second coming of the world, so his mind filled 
will the mood of amazement. In spite of these, 
the author compared the confussion of the world as 
a Sphinx which has a shape with lion body and the 
head of a man. The Sphinx had already slept for 
twenty hundred years and the author feared that 
one day the Sphinx will wake up and destsroy the 
world. I think that the Sphinx in the poem is 
stands for the World War 2, because this poem 
was written at the age that World War 1 had 
happened. If the war happened again that will 
cause serious consequence. 
2.In the Station of the Metro-Z. Pound 
This poem only has two sentence, but it is 
meaningful. The first line:The apparition of 
these face in the world. I think that the 
apparition means those faces in the crowd, 
because in this industrial world most of people 
are busy to deal with the things, so they don't 
have much time to stop to rest or to see the 
trivial things around them for a mement. Maybe 
on our way to work, we'll meet many people 
who are also on their way to work. But when 
we go by these people, we only have a glimpse of 
these people, just like apparitions which 
disappear very soon. 
The second line: Petals on a wet, black bough. 
The author compared those faces as the petals. I 
think that's because the people in the crowd all 
have difference emotions which was expressed on 
their faces. Besides, the sence which the author 
saw was the subway train, so he compared the 
train to the wet, black bough. Because that's a 
deem and gloomy place. Maybe he thought that even 
the world are like the background which is gloomy 
and din, but the human beings are still beautiful 
and cute.In the other words, the author still 
bore the expectation to the world. 
3.The World is too much with us-W.Wordsworth 
This poem is very different from the two poems 
before. The lines in this poem all show the 
despair of the society and the whole world. He 
thought that the human beings working so hard 
that they don't have any time to appreciate the 
natural scenery. He felt that it's a pity. 
Besides, he also thought that human beings are too 
selfish and materalism, they have given their 
heart away.But on the other hand, sea and wind 
are the nature, they won't pretend to be friendly 
or kind to anyone, they always express their 
natural sides. When Willian Wordsworth wrote this 
poem, he was living in the Lake District in 
Grasmere and in that time he had already 
experienced many things, so he very understood 
the mind of people. Furthermore, he got along 
with nature all day long, that also can help him 
appreciate nature deeply and know the differences 
between nature and society which was built by 
human beings.