Journal ( The world is too much with us)

Poster¡G Irene shiu at 21:17:16 12/30/97 from
~The world is too much with us ~ 
Before reading the poem ,I thought as the title ,it should be good 
to appreciate the world.However it was not and it was a ironic poem,and its 
verse are very clear ,so when we read it out ,it was easy and smoothly.Form 
the stanzas,we know that the speaker was in the commercail and busy society 
and might have many troubles in their life .Also,under the heavy pressure, 
people seldom have time to approach the Nature so gradually they lost their 
energy and imagination.The poem mentioned "the sleeping flowers",flowers should 
be acitve ,but how they would sleep ,just because what the people in the society 
pursued was how to make a lot of money and earned the fame."We have given our heart 
away,a sodid boon!" The heart of greed is full of the people being busy working for 
money."Little we see the Nature is ours",of course ,the Nature is not ours but if we 
can frequently content with it ,we could still familiar with it and won't have the 
situation of that.As the same that "For this ,or for everything ,we are out of tune", 
"It moves us not",the speaker might be tired of the rules of the busy society and wanted 
to find a new way to let him escape it for a while,so the last two sentences,they showed 
his feeling,"Have sight.....horns."So he prefered that he was a Pagan so that he couldn't 
care about the principles of the world ,and did whatever he wanted . 
From this poem ,I think when one person is under the pressure for a long time and 
is in the realitic scoiety ,he may find the relaxation from the Nature and by his means 
do everything he likes.The poem remind us of the question of making self-examination 
in time in order to find our life style.