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The World is Too much with Us 
When we read this poem, we can find it is an organized form. Because it is a type of poem called a sonnet. Its form is 4,4,4,2. The first and second stanzas are all AB rhythm, and the third is CD rhythm. 
In the first stanza, the speaker describes the people's values to the nature in the modern world. The speaker complains the people in the modern world too much concern their living and material environments. With Industriad Revolution, our living standard is getting better, we almost can get everything that we want. People is all engaged in their life, and their only wish is make a fortune. So people start to ignore and away from nature, even if destroys nature. With industrialization, people's relationship is getting worse, it seems that everyone has a wall in their mind. It also leads to everyone has a sense of isolation. This is the side effect of industrialization. So the speaker uses the sentence "We have given our hearts away, a sordid born." 
In the second stanza, the speaker images of sea, and winds. From this stanza, we can know the speaker shows his imagination to the nature. We can feel that he wants to approach nature. The last line of this stanza, the speaker uses "We are out of tune." I think the speaker wants to say that we are all out of nature, we can't get rid of nature to live, and he wants everyone who lives in modern world could notice this point. 
In the third stanza, the speaker wants to come back the past, it is very important that he uses pagan to stand for himself. Because other people like to live the modern world expect himself, just like a pagan. The speaker would rather live in the past than live in the modern world. He don't want to the world will change. Maybe other people don't agree him, but he still insists that people should live in nature. So he describe himself just like a pagan suckled in a creed outworn. 
In the last stanza, it sketches the feeling we return nature. The speaker uses Proteus and Triton to symbol that only return our original place, we can get really happy, just like the fish can't live without water. 
From this poem, we could know, although, modern world is more convinent, and brings us more adventure, but we can't forget nature. In order to earn more money, most people destroy forest, rivers, mountains¡K but these action all reflect our selfish! This poem suggests that we should pay more attention to nature and approach nature, not just living in the city. When we connect the power of nature, we can clean our mind, and acquaint the peace in our mind, and get really happy, not material delights. This poem and another poem I Wandered lonely as A Cloud are all concern about nature. They all emphasis that when people join with nature, people can get really delight. We can find evidences from the last two poems, thinking about if we are really happy in the modern world?