The Second Coming

Poster¡G Jason Jan at 13:39:23 12/31/97 from
When I first read this poem, I really can not understand what this poem talking about After discussing with other classmates, I gradually knew what is the meaning inside.At the beinging of the poem, it says turning and turning in the widening gyre. The turning actually means the circle of the culture! A great many years ago, there was a world , a culture of dinosaurs and after that became we human." A falcon cannot hear the falconer " means that human being and nature separated already.People built city and develope industry which destory the beautiful nature.Human also like to use the force to solve something. The blood-dimmed tide means that the cruel of human to take a war and killed otherman who against you. The order of the peace world were broken, so it says that the ceremony of innocence is drowned.The second coming originally meant that the end of the world.(the content of the revelation) But the author think that the second coming just means that the next culture after the human being and it will 
be a unknow situstion.Maybe last culture was broke by a monster! What will destroy us human?Maybe God knows!