Poems about Imagination

Poster¡G Christy Yip at 13:32:21 1/5/98 from c550-28.svdcc.fju.edu.tw
Wide imagination can be found in 'The Second Coming' and 'In a Station of the Metro'. The poets had used different aspectss of images to shoe different feeling of themes. 
In 'In a Station of the Metro', the two sentences are in juxtaposed position. 'These faces' are compared to apparition, at the same time, they are compared to 'petals'. 
The 'apparition' gives an image of something ghostly,with transient image. The faces inside the train would disappeare in a second while the train is moving, with bright light in the train. The description makes readers confuse and even make them feel somehow apparition. The image shows the difficulty to catch and close up the 'faces' within a transient time. And this feeling is compared to the petals 'on a wet, black bough'. THe wet, black bough has meaning of the moment just before decay, still holding the petals on it. It is a moment before the petals fall onto the ground.The very short moment show a transient beauty of the nature. It is also difficult to be caught up within a second. This can be compared with life, we could not catch up the moment of born and death easily. That is the transient beauty of nature too. 
Besides, the black bough can be compared with the dark and dim background inside the subway, on the other hand, it can also be compared with the faces inside the train or a wet street. 
So the imagines are different from lyric, there is no fixed meaning or boundary between the words, but the conotation are widely opened to let us to use our own imaginations to think about. 
The poet of 'The Second Coming' has a lot of images of the moment of the end of the world, and the changed appearence of Jesus as well. 
The people are compared as the 'falcon'. The falcon cannot hear the falconer means that they are losing control and order. It shows the disorder in the future world. 'The blood-dimmed tide is loosed' means the society is filled with blood and violence. Besides, it gives image of ghosty, horror and blood. 
The appearence of Jesus has been changed into a beast with half human and half animal-like through the imagination of poet. Also, the cradle wehere Jesus lied is changed from grass to rock in the future. The arrival of Jesus give apocalypse. Also show innocent, pitnessless and death while the Christian civilisation come to an end, Jesus will come again. but as the description of the creature unlike human being, it might represent another civilization will come and replace which unlike the Christian civilization. The best represent the unknown second civilisation, it will buld up while the christian civitization come to an end. 
The history is round in circulation. We do not know what exactly the civilization will be. The poem ends with a question, the poet show fear with this unknown civilisation, whether it will mark by wiolence or peaceful. We can image the future environment or the second civilization with different concepts.