spider---soul refect your deep heart

Poster¡G Daphane ¸â at 14:45:42 1/10/98 from proxy.seed.net.tw
The author used the spider as metaphor of his soul. it suggests that the original image of himself is like a spider. The man with a strict attitude toward his life. 
In the line 2 " isolated" means that the speaker is alone with himself. The action of the spider is ready to exploring. Why? The spider is here to explore the huge space, and is going to search a new world. Then it " launch'd". the word is powerful and energetic in 
expressing the spider. Furthermore, the spider will explore the farther place with ceasing the action. The spider is unreeled , and never got tried. 
The surroundings that the spider faces is a measureless oceans and the little promontory where is stands. Though it stands in tiny place, the spider looks through the ocean even try to seek the spheres to connect them. The spirit of exploring inside the spider is unreeling. I guess promontory is referred to place where the speaker is in. But 
he looks for a wider place to venture and search for a beautiful future in his life with continuing. And when the spider meets the frustration, it would never give up. Once if 
he have difficulties, speaker will act like a spider.