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Name: Maxine Y.C. Huang 
Number: 486200444 
Course: Introduction to Literature 
After Reading When I Heard the Learn*d Astronomer 
After reading this poem, I feel it is very interesting, and I like it very much. 
Because, in this poem, I can find another side of the poet that is easy for our common people to approach. And, in his poem, I recall some memories of the 
experiences in learning scientific subjects. 
I still remember that in my three- year junior high school life, and the first 
year in senior high school. I had to learn physics, chemistry, biology, and geoscience. When teachers tried earnestly to make me understand all the theory, charts, and equation. I just had the same reaction as Walt Whitman--- 
unaccounable I became tired and sick. And, most worst of all, I felt that Idid 
not get close to nature by the knowledge in science. Instead, I became more 
and more had no reaction to the beauty of nature, because, whenever I found 
some physical or chemical phenomenon in environment, I became very nervous 
immediately ( I always got low points in those exams ). But, after getting rid of those scientific subjects I felt I regained my connection with nature. 
In my opinion, the beauty of nature can not replaced by any kinds of man- 
made rules. Nature has its own charms, as long as you will open your heart to 
accept nature, appreciate nature. Then, you may find that the consolation from nature can smooth your wrinkled soul, and release your tension in modern daily