Catherine and Heathcliff ---- Character

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Catherine & Heathcliff ----- Character 

When Cathy was a child, in Nelly's eye, she was a self-willed, naughty girl. So Mr. Earnshaw didn't like her very much. However, if we compare Cathy to her brother Hindley, she was more lovely and generous than Hindley. Hindley always thought of Heathcliff as the thief of his father's affection, so he treated Heathcliff cruelly after his father's death. But, Cathy she treated Heathcliff well and felt anger about the injustice that Hindley done to Heathcliff. At that time, Cathy was the only one who didn't dislike Heathcliff and was willing to be a companion of him. I think that because both of them were wild and rude, the time they got along with each other happily. For another reason, I think that because in Heathcliff's heart exist a kind of magic power that attracted Cathy's heart deeply and that power could let them [ Cathy and Heathcliff ] knew each other's thoughts without words. That's why Cathy said: " I' m Heathcliff " and " there is or should be an existence of yours beyond you? " and I think another soul or spirit that exists beyond Cathy was Heathcliff. 

Besides, from the article I find that the way Cathy expressed herself when she got along with Heathcliff and Linton was different. She didn't show her rough side in Lintons company, and felt ashamed of being rude. However, when she played with Heathcliff; she looked life a wild, rude girl. And I think that's her real character. She must force herself to behave like a lady before Edgar. This led her to adopt a double character. [ p. 56, 57 ] 

As for Heathcliff's character, I think the unhappy things he suffered in his childhood played an important role in the formation of his character. However, in the horse episode, let me can't help to regard that Heathcliff was a selfish person and didn't have any gratitude to his benefactor. He used Mr. Earnshaw's love to gain the things which he wanted. From this we can see his strong character in doing things. No wonder, after several years, he would take revenge on those people who once hurt him. Catherine also described him as being "headstrong". 

As a whole, I think in our society, there are a lot of people the same as Heathcliff. And in fact, in our deep heart there are still exist the character like that, just we control it and don't express it out. However, Heathcliff, he couldn't control it and the result he got was the unlimited misery.