What Formed The Strong Love?

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"I am Heathcliff," said Catherine. "Catherine, you know that I would as soon forget you as my existence!" said Heathcliff. Can you imagine how strong and deep their love is to speak out such words? Although it is true that every one of us could love our lover very strongly and deeply, I doubt there is any one of us able to say that we are our lover, for this sentence doesn*t only mean that someone loves a person very much, seeing that person as his life, wanting to mix himself with that person, and no one could separate one of them from each other, but also means that someone understands a person so deeply that he and that person*s minds and thoughts are almost fully intercommunicated. Such love is stronger and deeper than any other one. It is provided under a special circumstance, and not everyone could have and experience it. However, what formed this kind of love is the major topic I want to say. It is for sure that the courses must be very complicated to explain exactly clearly and completely, so I only tried to make a simple analysis here:
Everyone will be effected by the environment they are in. Catherine and Heathcliff will, too. Environment is the major element which forms their strong love. I separated the element into two parts. One is nature environment element, and the other is artificial environment element. In nature environment element: "Wuthering Heights" is a place far away from the society and other people. It*s a very close place. Therefore, before Catherine and Heathcliff met Linton family, they were each other*s only company in their childhood. They did almost everything together when Old Earnshaw was alive, and even when Hindley became the master and Heathcliff was drove to the servants, Catherine still went to teach, work and play with him in the fields. Therefore, they must understand each other very deeply and have a very strong dependence of emotion on each other. Besides of closeness, "Wuthering Heights" is also a place with little sunshine, hard rocks and dangerous roads. Living in such kind of difficult environment is quite easy to form personalities and perspectives different from people outside but similar with themselves. For example, both of Catherine and Heathcliff were rush and strong, and both of them looked Liton family down for they thought those people were too weak. In addition, such an environment made they have strong exclusiveness, and all these made them closer to each other than any other one.
Then, it came to artificial environment element. The key man was Hindley and old Earnshaw. Old Earnshaw always showed more concern to Heathcliff than Hindley, which let Hindley hated Heathcliff more and more and not will to join Catherine and Heathcliff when they played. It made Catherine closer to Heathcliff than him Gradually. Then, after old Earnshaw died, he came back from outside world with his wife and became the master of "Wuthering Heights". He treated Heathcliff worse, and at that time, Catherine already stood with Heathcliff, so that they two often helped each other against Hindley. Besides, Hindley cared about his wife much more than Catherine, therefore, Catherine felt that only Heathcliff treated her best and wanted to be with him. As to Heathcliff, Catherine was also the only one who treated him good and wanted to be with him after old Earnshaw died. The two hurt souls found comfort from each other, which meant that they needed each other very much in fact. When they were together, whatever sorrow or happy, they were in the world of their own. It*s hard for others to understand or enter this world, so is it hard for them two to mention it to others. It*s like a secret existing only in their own mind. They understood each other so deeply that they could see themselves as each other; they needed each other so much that they couldn*t bear to be separated from each other. The strong understanding and need of each other forms their strongest and deepest love.
I know there still are some other courses, but I do think that environment is the major element. I believe if any one of us were in such an environment, we might have had the same strong and deep love as Catherine and Heathcliff did. I think I really impressed by their love.


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