Romantic Love

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Journal 2-Romantic Love

In my opinion that "Wuthering Heights" is a kind of deep expression of emotion. It is not easy to find this kind of love in reality. The personality of each character is special from modern people. They are all dramatic and elate towards their affection. This is an attractive aspect because we know that readers want to enjoy themselves. If the story are too monotonous the readers will easily feel bored.
Affection is a complicated source. You can not control and you can not get whose love as you wish at some time. That was why many people are troubled with their love stories. So it is reasonable for us to read the tangled affection about Heathcliff and Catherine. You have to image the objects of the Wuthering Heights and the characters' facial expression. In this way you can understand the novel easier than just only read it and only look for new vocabularies. It is also very significant for all of us to analyze the movement of each character. You have to know what is his or her reaction towards the same thing and try to figure out his main personality. Although this text will use much time it is very useful and interesting for us to understand the novel.
When I heard that this novel is a little about Emily herself I was very interesting why. After reading few part of her autobiography, I still could not understand why.
Was that kind of story happened on her? Moreover it is very interesting to see a lot of songs about "Romantic Love" on the web site. I like the song-Źá«ùvery much. Especially the lyrics that are moved me a lot. I like the melody and the nightingale. You can totally bath in the image of the song and have a series of imagination. So I think this does a good way for us understand more about romantic love by songs?


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