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Journal 1 - About "Wuthering Heights"

After reading the homepage of Tina's group, I gained a lot of different view about the characters in the story. They gathered many important points of class and moreover they all told us their views toward different characters. This is very useful for us to think more about each character. After all, it is not easy to catch their true personality because there are many different perspectives of each character. In reality, I can not say that clearly what kind of person I am. So it is even difficult to tell what is the real personality of each character. When we look at different aspect, we will find that the personality changed all the time. Everyone has his own view toward everything, when you think this object is beautiful than that one while I may not think so. Therefore we should look at anything in different views and have an open mind to think things in colorful angles.
I am very interested in Heathcliff's view of love. In my opinion, I am pity toward Heathcliff. He didn't have parent and he came from a group that people regarded as evil. It was fortunate that Mr.Earnshaw took him as his real son while good days lasted for not a long time. He was badly treated by Hindly and could only become servant of Wuthering Heights. For the treatment of Hindly, there had a long distance between Heathcliff and Catherine.
How could a child suffer so much? What you would do if you were Heathcliff? I think it is understandable about his revenge. It is human nature to take revenge from someone who offends you. As the words of one of our classmates, Heathcliff owned nothing but Catherine's love. After her marriage, he became alone and owned nothing in the world. When he heard that Catherine agreed with Edgar's proposal, his heart broke immediately. It was apparent that in his mind he thought he could not marry Catherine because of his poverty and lower class in society. And that was why he made a fortune after leaving Wuthering Heights. His purpose was clear and reasonable. While he was wrong because he was still ruleless in his deep mind although he changed his appearance as a gentleman. This is another human nature-just look at thing in his appearance and think that thing will change if he make some effort on it. Actually thing have a complicated side and can change so easily.
Heathcliff chose a not clever way to revenge Catherine and Earnshaw. Or maybe he was unaware of his mind but only try hard to make Catherine sad and despair. Did that really what he wants? I wander about that what was really in his mind. Or he was just full of revenge and only had a purpose to make Catherine sad? Anyway he got payment-got madness and always haunted with Catherine's soul. I am moved by Heathcliff's words-Cathy do come, My heart's darling, hear me this time. In those words we can realize how deep his love was and how miserable he was even he gained what he desired.


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