Wuthering Heights & Nelly

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A wild, strong , passionate love mixing torment and joy together brought the destruction and internal pain.
By an outsider Lockwood, we get the access to the story
of Wuthering Heights. The center of the story is around the
people in Wuthering Heights and Trushcross Grange. Despite the difference of geographic situation, the desposition of people in each place is very different.
Wuthering Heights is located on moors where is stricken by
violent winds and rough weather all the time, and people there are rude, tough and wild, while Thrushcross Grange
is on a plain and people there are mild, tame and sometimes, weak. Under such a plight, the maid Nelly play
an important role as a connection--connection between
Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, and the
other characters. We get to know this story through Lockwood's ear and Nelly's mouth. It's told by a third-person narrator, but we are given a space to examine the mistakes she made, because Nelly isn't tolly an outsider,
she is an observant but also a participant. For example, when Catherine was suffering from a breakdown, she took it merely as Catherine's momentary sentiment. She didn't let Linton know Catherine's true condition and made Catherine believe her husband's indifference. Nelly betrayed, so she's among the people who due to Catherine's
madness, too. Nelly thought herself is the only sensible and reasonable person among those others, and she was doing what she thinks right. She's the storyteller, but she got herself involved in part of it. And it always gives me a sense that Nelly might not understand Catherine or Heathcliff better than we readers do. For instance, when Catherine told her her feelings about Heathcilff and Linton
(Linton is rich, handsome and, he loves her. Though her
love for Heathcliff is just like the" eternal rocks" but marry
him would degrade her. And she said" I'm Heathcliff"), Nelly took it as her "folly" and nonsense. She dosen't realize the power of love between Catherine and Heathcliff,
and she might have no idea what Catherine and Heathcliff are really like.


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