Wuthering Heights

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What kind of love between Heathcliff and Catherine
We all know that Heathcliff loved Catherine very much, also Catherine loved Heathcliff. But, it seems that once they met they began to argue, once they were separated, they missed each other. Catherine always said something to irritate Heathcliff, and Heathcliff would not swallow his anger and endure Catherine's sarcasm. Then they began to quarrel.
In chapter 8, Catherine had a dispute with Heathcliff. In chapter 9, Heathcliff heard Catherine say it would degrade her to marry Heathcliff." Then he left Wuthering Heights. Catherine was broken heart when she found Heathcliff's left. But when Heathcliff was besides her, she would not appreciate him, cherish their feelings. Not until he was away, did she miss him. Later, a couple of years passed, Heathcliff came back to Wuthering Heights to revenge on them and see Catherine. Still they accused each other and had disputes. They were just like enemies. When Catherine was sick, she said to Heathcliff " How strong you are! How many years do you mean to live after I am gone. She just hoped that Heathcliff would die soon, while ordinary people may hope that their lover would live well after them die. And when Heathcliff knelt on one knee to embrace her; he attempted to rise, but she seized his hair, and kept him down. Heathcliff cried, " Don't torture me till I'm as mad as you," wrenching his head free and grinding his teeth. They were so funny and interesting, Catherine was about to die, they still didn't forget to accuse and sarcastisize each other. What kind of lovers they were. Sometimes I think they were enemies, or why Heathcliff wanted to revenge all of them, including Catherine. They kept gripping each other accused each other till they were all dead. They love mixed with hatred.
I think that maybe this is related to their personalities. Catherine had always been willful and self-centered, while Heathcliff always concealed his feeling. If he didn't satisfy or like it, he would try to get rid of it. For example, Hindly treated Heathclif badly in the past, and Heathcliff concealed his unsatisfactory, after a couple of years, he began to revenge him, he did it step by step and carefully till finally he paid him back. I think Catherine and Heathcliff's personlities are too violent, so they easily conflicted and disputed. Thus, their love combined with hatred.


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