Heathcliff's half-hidden affection

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Heathcliff's half-hidden affection toward Catherine
In this novel, Heathcliff was hatred by every family member except Catherine and the old master, Mr. Earnshaw in his childhood. Because Heathcliff and Catherine had lots of time playing with each other in the fields, their affection became more and more stronger. Even they were punished by Joseph or the curate after running away to the moors and remaining there all day, as long as they were together again, they forget everything painful at that moment. That's why they still kept their strong emotions between themselves after they grew up. In the chapter 10, when Heathcliff came back to see Catherine after three years, he told Catherine that he had fought through a bitter life since Catherine left him and he hoped Catherine could forgive him, for he struggled for her. Nevertheless, when Heathcliff learnt that Esabella loved him, he used this advantage and swore to revenge himself on Edgar for he conceived that Edgar occupied his lover, Catherine. Heathcliff embraced Esabella and this behavior caused a quarrel between him and Catherine. Although they loved each other deeply, they still treated each other infernally. Heathcliff always tried to repress his startling performances of feeling.
The only time when Heathcliff expressed his whole-hearted love toward Catherine was when Heathcliff saw how painful Catherine was, for she was going to die in chapter 14. Heathcliff wanted Nelly to get him an interview with Catherine. He believed that for every thought Catherine spends on Linton, Catherine spends a thousand on him. When Catherine was going to die, Heathcliff told her that how could he bear this situation that Catherine was so miserable. However, he still grumbled about Catherine's words, for Catherine told him that she herself was killed by him. He didn't realize why Catherine always said those infernal words to rage against him. I thought why Catherine told this sarcastic word is because she loved Heathcliff deeply but she decided to marry Edgar at the end. She made this decision for she wanted herself to become rich so that she and Edgar won't be beggars. Besides, Heathcliff seldom expressed his feelings toward Catherine explicitly. For these two reasons, although this is Catherine herself chose to marry Edgar, Heathcliff still needed to be responsible for this mistake, for he concealed his emotion. From this novel I got an idea-we should express our love and emotion obviously in case that other people mistake our meaning and make a big mistake.


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